How Do I Check If A Domain Is Available? / How Do I See Who Owns A Domain?

One of the most common questions I get from new clients is how they can check to see what domains are available. As many of you know, a brandable, easy to remember and keyword-rich domain can add up to many benefits down the road, but finding one of these today can seem daunting.

Often, folks come to me after searching 10, 20, even 50 domain names, only to find that every combination in the .com space is already registered, often to empty, parked sites. While this is a bummer, a few handy tools can make the search process much easier, and give you ideas for domain names that may still be available.

#1 – Whois.Net

Tried and true, this tool is a great, uncluttered way to see whether domain names are registered or still available, and for many even provide contact information for the owner, in the event that it is an undeveloped domain name that you may be interested in purchasing.

#2 –

While this is a tool that we discovered much more recently (about 5 or so years ago), it can be extremely helpful for running the same type of searches as Whois.Net, as well as show you options for the same or similar names that may be available in other extensions, such as .net, .us, .info, .cc, .org, and many others.

Ok, those are my top two resources for finding available domain names, and checking to see who owns a domain.

If you’d like to see more tutorials in this series, drop a comment below.

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