The Ultimate Tutorial For Free Email Marketing From MailChimp

Welcome to the ultimate guide to free email marketing from MailChimp!

Today, we’re going to share a walkthrough tutorial on how to get a free email marketing subscription from MailChimp – one of our favorite online email marketing tools for small local businesses in Garrett County, Maryland and Deep Creek Lake. Let’s get started!

1 – Go to to register for a free email marketing account.

2 – Register for a free email marketing account with your business email address and create a username that you will be able to easily remember.

3 – Click the activate account button in the email sent by MailChimp. Note, this may take a few minutes to arrive.

4 – Confirm you’re human. Note, this may only appear if you are on a shared connection.

5 – Select your preferred pricing tier – we often start with free, but many accounts upgrade after the first 6 months to a year if their marketing strategies are effective.

6 – Fill out the remaining information fields in the guided wizard. (See multiple screenshots below.)

7 – Sign-up for MailChimp’s email newsletters to get tips and tricks. We love these emails, as they often contain handy tips, but these are optional emails.

8 – You’re finished! For most folks, this process takes only about 10 minutes. Pretty easy right?

What’s next?

Now, you’ll want to set-up opt-in forms on your website, Facebook and other social media sites, and collect emails at in-person locations.

If you’d like to see more tutorials in this series, comment below, or reach out!

Thanks, and have an awesome day!

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